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          Posted June 29, 2022


          Good Morning House Leaguers!

          The 2022 House League Summer Teams and Coaches are listed below.  

          Please be advised that all team rosters are final.


          U3 - Pandas:
          Coach: Adam Mosher

          Adrian Adams
          Alexander Adams
          Blair Bulger
          Rylan Burke
          Charles Butler
          Peter Cashin
          Liam Cleary
          Brayden Codner
          Matthew Duggan
          Tucker Jones
          Liam Langer
          Hudson Langmead
          Alexander Molloy
          Oliver Mosher
          Rachel Cahill
          Abigail Connolly
          Mallory Curtis
          Gabriella Gosine
          Brielle Hillier
          Madelyn Hobbs

          U3 - Koalas:
          Coach: Kim Thompson & Kenton Pike P/T

          Graham Ostridge
          Charles Parmenter
          Jack Picco
          Nate Pynn
          Parker Ryan
          Sami Sakkar
          Zayn Sakaar
          Malcolm Stone
          Henry Thorne
          Teddy Vaughan
          James Wall
          Theodore Walsh
          Ethan Williams
          Lauren Kielley
          Mikayla Kilgore Lundrigan
          Anna Murphy
          Marlowe Pike

          U5 - Lions:
          Coach: Robyn Murphy

          Joel Anthony
          Logan Brown
          Kenneth Curran
          Ronan Cashin
          Ethan Codner
          Ryker Connors
          Alexander Courage
          Emma Cornick
          Savannah Hynes
          Emma-Rose Rice
          Lauren Cooke
          Greta Dobbin
          Brielle Blagdon
          Emily Bolt

          U5 - Tigers:
          Coach: Colin Doyle

          Aiden Doyle
          Logan Butler
          Spencer Earle
          Bennett Eddy
          Wrenly George
          Elijah Hart
          Nathan Hayward
          Zavi Boutet
          Audrina Burt
          Evelyn Butler
          Samantha Churchill
          Ella Connolly
          Emma Corcoran
          Xavier Johnson

          U5 - Wolves:
          Coach: Martin Dahl

          Logan Coombs
          Odin Hickey
          Hewitt Hochwald
          Grayson Hounsell
          John Kendall
          Nathan Kielley
          Elliott King
          Kiera Dahl
          Amy Courish
          Rachel Daley
          Kate Deering
          Amelia Doyle
          Rowan Eagleton
          Bryce Synard

          U5 - Bears:
          Coach: Aaron Thompson & Kenton Pike P/T

          Max King
          Alex Lacour
          Nolan McGrath
          Rowan Mercer
          Evan Messacar
          Charles Milmore
          Alex Mior
          Amelia Hussey
          Bridget Hussey
          Zoey Pike
          Eleanor Evans
          Anna Flynn
          Ava Halliday
          Bennett Thompson

          U5 - Foxes:
          Coach: TBD + Janet Kelly P/T

          Carey Kelly
          Isaac Murphy
          Leo Murrant
          Kaiden Nichol
          Nolan Noftall
          Joseph O'Brien
          Conor Parsons
          Gigi Kenny
          Carly Lynch
          Hayden MacPherson
          Dusty Matthews
          Evangeline McDonald
          Charlotte Murphy
          Sophie Moffat

          U5 - Panthers:
          Coach: Steven Kennedy

          Carrick Kenway
          Silas Parsons
          Ford Pennell
          Kaleb Pope
          Mckinlay Power
          Spencer Reid
          Jesse Skinner
          Ciara Noseworthy
          Reagan Ostridge
          Mya Parsons
          Laurel Peinsznski
          Isla Pickett
          Sara Snelgrove

          U5 - Sharks:
          Coach: Farrell Cahill

          Grey Cahill
          Max Victorino
          Allan Smith
          Caleb Sooley
          Winston Strickland
          Elliott Tilley
          Bentley Vaters
          Brooke Mercer
          Anna Tucker
          Emma Sturge
          Harper Evans
          Mya Pearson
          Jemma Tucker

          U5 - Dolphins:
          Coach: Patricia Lane

          Toby Mclean
          William Wells
          Caleb Spurrell
          Owen Wheeler
          Levi White
          Elliot WL Drover
          Nikos Hynes
          Emily Adams
          Evelyn Parmenter
          Meredith Parrell
          Calla Mercer
          Sadie Tucker
          Kinsley Wareham

          U7 - Canada:
          Coach: Jack O'Dea

          Samuel Blouin
          Ilia Boutet
          Nolan Brown
          Rory Caines
          Alexander Cleary
          Joey Davis
          Celeste Waye
          Mylee Goodyear
          Emily Adam
          Isla Anderson
          Anna Arsenault
          Emma White
          Charlotte Batstone
          Katelyn Nhan

          U7 - Portugal:
          Coach: Phyllis Martin

          William Cornick
          Max Dempsey
          Lucas Evans
          Jaxson Gedge
          Dominic Green
          James Hussey
          Natalie Munden
          Sophia Butler
          Stella Dobbin
          Harper Pennell
          Maggie LaCour
          Felicity Bruce
          Serenity Churchill
          Raelle Walsh

          U7 - Germany:
          Coach: Jordan Tucker

          Spencer Langmead
          Dominic Maloney
          Gabriel Maguire
          Max Morrissey
          Noah Murphy
          Samuel O'Keefe
          Lilly Coombs
          Whitney Barbour
          Ryleigh Walsh
          Kaitlyn Sturge
          Paige Courage
          Charlotte Crane
          Emilie Dahl
          Norah Daley

          U7 - Italy:
          Coach: Colby Greeley

          Andy Button
          Thomas Oldford
          Owen Penney
          Nathan Reid
          Cole Sicord
          Delia Earle
          Anna-Mae Eddy
          Emma Finn
          Avery French
          Adalind George
          Mabel Haley
          Winter Myers
          Charlotte Seymour
          Nora Hurley

          U7 - Brazil:
          Coach: Robbie Mills

          Felix Sinyard
          Fynn Snow
          Jaxon Trask
          Maddox Tucker
          Thomas White
          Sibylla Hunt
          Claire Kearley
          Emily King
          Anna Lambe
          Madeline Mahon
          Isla Mercer
          Amelia Hochwald
          Grace Holloway
          Natalie Jones

          U7 - Argentina:
          Coach: TBD - We are still looking for a parent volunteer for this group

          Morgan Valcour-Yao
          Emmet Vander-Wal
          James Walsh
          Jeffery Walsh
          Cohen Williams
          Maren Roberts
          Avery Rowe
          Diana Ryan
          Paige Skinner
          Sophia Stapleton
          Kaitlyn Sturge
          Jessa Templeman
          Elizabeth Cashin
          Isabella Rideout

          U9 - England:
          Coach: John Loveless

          Jameson Hunt
          Noah Butler
          Reed Chin
          Ethan Barbour
          Felix Roberts
          Stephen Hollett
          Liam White
          Maci Goodyear
          Sophie Strange
          Mollie Ings
          Sara Crane
          Gabrielle Blouin
          Natalie Randell

          U9 - France:
          Coach: Kyle Howlett

          Finley Blackmore
          Stanley Johnson
          Jaxon Ralph
          Parker Rowe
          Luke Finlay
          Charlie Flynn
          Patrick King
          Olivia Dubitski-Lahey
          Roxina Dubitski-Lahey
          Victoria Dubitski-Lahey
          Shayla Cocoran
          Claire Brown
          Sadie Lynch
          Karaleigh Abbott

          U9 - Spain:
          Coach: Cam Lundrigan

          Ryder Walsh
          Luke Foley
          Caden Eddy
          Jackson Eddy
          Lucas McNeil
          Jack Raymond
          Myles Snow
          Reid Yetman
          Harper Johnson
          Lila Tucker
          Madeline Brown
          Natalie Randell
          Olivia Snow
          Sophia Tilley
          Brooklyn Walbourne






          Posted June 20, 2022


          Please read this email in its entirety as there is significant information for review.


          $140.00 per player 

          As we have experienced significant growth in our House League programming over the past two years we have been able to secure additional field time at Rainbow Gully Field in order to accommodate more players and lesser congestion on a single field.

          House League programming for 2022 will be held at BOTH Rainbow Gully Field and Voisey’s Brook Field.  The below scheduled times are tentative pending the final number of teams/players that register.

          Due to the significant number of requests for players/friends to be on the same team, we simply cannot accommodate all special requests while at the same time ensure an even number of players/teams.



          Please be advised that the 2022 House League schedule has changed as there was a timing error in the original schedule sent earlier today.
          Mondays and Wednesdays

          U3: 5:30pm to 6:15pm - Voisey's Brook Small Field

          U5: 5:30pm to 6:15pm - Voisey's Brook Main Field

          U7: 6:30pm to 7:15pm - Voisey's Book Main Field

          U9: 6:30pm to 7:30pm - Voisey's Brook Small Field

          Please note that this schedule is for summer 2022 only and may change in summer 2023 should we encounter any further membership growth.
          Should you have any questions or concerns on the above - please do not hesitate to contact our House League Coordinator Patricia at pcspmsa.2022@gmail.com

          C. KEY

          KEY DATES:
          Monday June 27th: House League Team Rosters Announced. All rosters will be final.
          Wednesday June 29th & Thursday June 30th: Jersey Pick-up Days - 12:00pm to 8:00pm Wed and 12:00 to 6:00pm Thurs, Voisey's Brook Field Hut
          Tuesday July 5th: PCSPMSA/NLSA House League Coaching Workshop - 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Voisey's Brook Field - ALL ARE WELCOME
          Monday July 4th: First day of House League!

          D. VOLUNTEER
           PARENT COACHES:

          We are looking for parents to help assist, and coach with, our summer student coaching staff. A truly successful soccer association is built on the parents who volunteer and become engaged with their children on the field.

          Here is the best part: no soccer experience is required! Just enthusiasm and a positive attitude! 

          All volunteer parent helpers/coaches will receive an on-field "Intro to Youth Soccer" education session hosted by PCSPMSA and the NLSA which will help all involved organize, plan and execute fun activities and games for our House League players.

          If you are interested in becoming a volunteer parent coach please send an email to Patricia Lane, House League Coordinator at pcspmsa.2022@gmail.com and include the following information

          Contact Number:
          Coaching Experience (if any, not required):

          Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Patricia at the above email address.

          E. EQUIPMENT:

          As a long time sponsor of Timbits and House League Programs across Canada, Tim Hortons sponsors all Jerseys, Shorts and Socks for all age groups.

          Players are required to have outdoor soccer cleats and shin pads for all age groups.  SportsCraft Source for Sports, Ropewalk Lane has always been a great supporter of PCSPMSA.

          Tell them "Ingo sent me!" and they will sort you out with service, quality and price!



          Registration fees for House League can be paid by credit card online at time of registration or cash or cheque payable to Portugal Cove - St. Philip's Minor Soccer Association to be delivered on Jersey Pick-Up Day on June 25/26 2022.

          Registration fees and required waivers are to be submitted prior to the July 4, 2022.  Participants will not be permitted on the field without registration fees paid and waiver submitted.

          G. WAIVER FORM:

          Assumption of Risk Waiver

          Completed waivers can be emailed to PCSPMSA.2022@gmail.com or brought to the Voisey's Brook Field Hut on Jersey Pick-Up days.  If emailing, please ensure you include both your player's name and registered age group.


          Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Patricia Lane, House League Coordinator at pcspmsa.2022@gmail.com


          PCSP Minor Soccer Association





          Posted May 25, 2022


           We are excited to announce that our Whitecaps FC Soccer Camp is back for a second year running July 4-8.

          For those of you who participated last year you will agree it was a great experience for our players.  Lots of fun, new skills and new friends!  This camp is open and ideal for players of all skill levels - beginner, novice and advanced!

          PCSPMSA members will receive a special offer savings of $30 by using Code: PartnerPro22.  

          Registration and details can be found at this link: REGISTRATION


          Led by Whitecaps FC Academy Centre Director Mike Ayyash, the Whitecaps Portugal Cove Camp is perfect for players new to the sport, as well as more experienced players. And, when players are ready to take the next step in their development, they can advance within the Whitecaps system, including Whitecaps FC BMO Virtual Academy and Academy Centres.


          • Led by Whitecaps FC coaches and Safe Sport Officer
          • Take the Whitecaps skills challenge
          • Put skills into practice with daily world cup tournaments.
          • Virtual Whitecaps FC player appearance
          • Get a Whitecaps FC Camp t-shirt and digital poster

          Town: Portugal Cove - St. Philip's
          Field:  Voiseys Brook Soccer Field
          Date: July 4-8, 2022
          Time: 9am-12pm (U7-U12) / 1pm-4pm (U12-U15)
          Age: Boys & Girls U7-U15
          Price: $229 + taxes and fees
          PCSPMSA Member Promo Price using code partnerPro22: $199 + taxes and fees 



          Posted May 25, 2022

          PCSPMSA Sponsorship Opportunities

          PCSPMSA is happy to announce that field signage sponsorship opportunities are currently available at our Rainbow Gully turf field!
          Our field plays host to Avalon-based soccer associations and leagues of all ages for practices, games and tournaments. Your organization's logo, offering and/or slogan will be highly visible to spectators and players throughout the busy soccer season.
          Field sign sponsorship is $500 per 8'x4' sign. Signs will be affixed to the field fence facing viewing areas.
          If you are interested in promoting your organization while at the same time supporting the Portugal Cove - St. Philip's Minor Soccer Association, please call or email Susan Keough at the contact information below.
          Limited signage space is available! Contact us soon to get your sign up early in the soccer season.
          Thank you for your support!
          Susan Keough
          Fundraising & Sponsorship Director
          PCSP Minor Soccer Association
          (709) 691-0470



          Posted May 25, 2022


          2022 Metro League Weekend Schedule



          Posted May 10, 2022

          Good Evening Spurrs Country!
          What a day today and a perfect time to announce our outdoor practice schedule for the Spring/Summer Metro League Season.  This information pertains ONLY to Metro League players.  Not House League.  Registration for House League will open in June.
          PCSPMSA's Metro League program has continued to grow this year. Historically, our Metro League practices have been held on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. By starting our outdoor practices in May, we can only use the turf field at Rainbow Gully as the grass field at Voiseys Brook is not yet opened for use.  With the number of registered players we have for the 2022 Metro League season at an all-time record high of nearly 200 players - we are simply unable to find/manage field space solely on the Rainbow Gully field on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As such, we have worked closely with the town over the past few months and for the first time in our association's history, we have been able to secure additional field time at Rainbow Gully on Mondays and Wednesdays in addition to Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Great news!
          We will be dividing our Metro League practices this year into two categories:
          • Pre-Season: Mondays-Wednesdays or Tuesdays-Thursdays at Rainbow Gully only.
          • Summer Season: Tuesdays-Thursday at both Rainbow Gully and Voiseys Brook once Voiseys is open for use.

          Practices can start tomorrow, Wednesday, May 11th. The Practice schedule this week will be:

          Wednesday May 11:
          5:15pm to 6:30pm: GU8, GU9, GU11
          6:45pm to 8pm: GU13, BU13
          Thursday May 12:
          5:30 to 6:45pm: GU7, BU7, BU8, BU9
          6:45pm to 8pm: BU11
          Given the quick turnaround, some coaches may wait until next week to start outdoor practices. If your coach is waiting until next week to start practice, they will confirm with you via email.
          The schedule for the week of May 16th is:
          5:15pm to 6:30pm: BU7, GU7, GU8, GU11
          6:45pm to 8pm: Gu13, BU13
          5:15pm to 6:30pm: BU8, BU9, GU9
          6:45pm to 8pm: BU11
          The actual weekends for Metro League tournaments has not been finalized yet. We are hoping to receive this from the league by Friday. We are looking at a mid June start for tournaments. As soon as we have dates to share, we will post immediately.
          Thank you




          Posted February 21, 2022

          Good Morning

          Please follow the below link to our RAMP Registration site to register your player(s).  The link is also available on our website.

          2022 Metro League Registration

          Thank you




          Posted February 20, 2022

          Good Evening Spurrs Country,

          Registration for our 2022 Metro League season opens tomorrow Monday, February 21 and closes Monday, March 7.  Please be advised that players eligible for the 2022 Metro League season are those who:

          • Played in the Metro League previously; and or
          • Are registered in the current Fall/Winter indoor program

          The registration fees for the 2022 Metro League season will remain unchanged over the 2021 season: $375.00 for the 1st child, $350.00 for the 2nd child and $325.00 for the 3rd child. Fees will be payable in two instalments: 1st (50%) on date of registration and 2nd on April 1, 2022.

          Please note that this year, for the first time, you will be able to confirm your players' uniform sizing during the registration process.  Please ensure that you click on the Google Doc Link provided in the registration description titled: "2022 Uniform Sizing". 

          Example is below:

          Again, due to supply chain delays due to COVID we are hoping for a fulsome early registration by all players so all are able to receive uniforms.  We appreciate your understanding and thank you always for your support and cooperation.


          Thank you,





          Metro League vs House League:  What is the difference?

          Posted Sunday, February 20th

          Good Afternoon,

          We have received numerous questions in the past week as to the differences between our Metro League program and our House (or Club) League program as well as the end/start dates and scheduling of our current winter and summer programming.  Please refer to the below information and attachments to help provide some background information on our programming as well as some key dates.

          We kindly ask that you review the below and attached information in its entirety.  Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask on our group Facebook page and/or send us an email.

          Programming Calendar:

          Winter end dates:
          • Benvon's Room (U7): Saturday May 14th / (U13): Thursday May 12th
          • Premier Sports Academy (U8): Saturday May 7th
          • Techniplex (U9/U11/U13): Sunday May 1st

          Spring/Summer start dates:

          • Metro League registration: Monday February 21st to March 7th
          • Outdoor training starts (all ages): Week of May 1st - weather permitting
          • House League registration: June - exact date TBD

          Spring/Summer Schedule:

          Our summer programming schedule is still to be determined as we are currently finalizing additional field time with the Town of PCSP as well as confirmation of final registration numbers.  However historically, programming has usually followed the below format/schedule and is ALWAYS subject to change given COVID 19, final number of registered players/age groups and field and time capacities.  Typically - once registration closes a more defined schedule can be created.  In recent years PCSPMSA has experienced such significant growth in its Metro and House Leagues (and throw COVID in the mix) that confirming consistent schedule year over year has been difficult.

          House/Club League:

          • Registration opens June 2022
          • 8 Weeks - Monday July 4th to Wednesday August 24th
          • U4/U6/U8/U9 and tentatively U11
          • Hosted at Voisey's Brook Grass Field
          • Twice a week (Mondays/Wednesdays) - this may be subject to change should registration numbers exceed both field and time capacity for two nights a week.
          • Younger ages U4-U8 have the earlier session and U9 the later session.
          • We will be opening a trial registration for the U11 age group this summer.  Should we have sufficient interest (minimum 20 players) we will proceed with U11 programming.  If we do not receive minimum registration we will refund registration fees.

          Metro League:

          • Registration opens Monday February 21.  Closes March 7th.
          • Outdoors as early as May 3 (weather permitting) to mid-September, depending on tournament scheduling
          • U7/U8/U9/U11/U13
          • Hosted at Rainbow Gully Turf Field
          • Practices days and times have typically been Tuesdays/Thursdays for all ages.  However, with our increased growth we are currently finalizing additional field times to include Mondays and Wednesdays with the Town of PCSP.
          • Games and tournaments against other associations every second or third weekend through the summer.

          What is the difference between Metro League and House League?

          This is a common (and relevant) question asked each year by new members.  In October 2021 we hosted an online information session outlining the differences between the two leagues.  Please click on the linked presentation below for the information presented.

          Metro League vs House League

          In summary the key difference between the two programs is: COMMITMENT.

          Should you require additional information and/or have further questions - please do not hesitate to contact either Ingo Eckoldt ingoeckoldt@gmail.com or Adam Nolan adamnolan.nl@gmail.com




          COVID-19 and Contact Tracing 

          February 8, 2022
          Although PCPSMSA is not responsible for completion of contact tracing for its members, the association will support the team/family in the process of completing contact tracing as best as possible. The responsibility remains with the person/family. Please review the government link as it contains important information about contact tracing:
          Thank you




          Hello Spurrs!

          Registration for our Fall & Winter Indoor Season is now open. Please follow the link below to register your player(s). The link is also available on our website Participant registration fees for the fall/winter session must be paid via credit card online or post-dated cheque prior to your child’s attendance.

          Our fall/winter program is open to both metro and house league players who wish to further develop their individual technical abilities. Fall/Winter training is mandatory for players who intend to play metro for the first time when the outdoor season begins.  For returning Metro League players, fall/winter training is strongly encouraged.  Programming will be offered to the following age groups:

          U7 Born 2015 & 2016

          U8 Born 2014

          U9 Born 2013

          U11 Born 2011 & 2012

          U13 Born 2009 & 2010 


          Registration Steps:

          • Create a RAMP account if you do not already have one
          • Select "Participant" Register as a participant
          • Under Choose a Season select 2022
          • Under Choose Family Member to Register select player name
            • Confirm player information
          • Under Choose Division select the appropriate age based on birth year outlined above.  
            • There will be a notice confirming age by Saturday December 31, 2022
          • If only registering one child - please select 1st Child.  If registering multiple sibling, please select 2nd and or 3rd child on additional registrations.
          • Click Continue and complete remainder of registration and payment

          Because of significant growth in registration numbers over last year, as well as ensuring adequate capacity levels due to COVID, we have expanded the venues and times for our indoor programming over the 2021/22 fall/winter season to ensure there is enough space and time for all ages to participate.  This year PCSPMSA will host indoor programming at the following venues and times:

          Techniplex: Sundays 5:00pm to 8:30pm

          Premier Sports Academy: Saturdays 5:00pm to 7:00pm

          Benvon’s Room, Powerplex: Thursdays 7:00pm to 8:30pm

          Beachy Cove Elementary: Saturdays 5:00pm to 6:30pm and Sundays 5:30pm to 7:00pm

          Training at these venues will start in early November.  Although we anticipate similar scheduling as last year at the Techniplex for older age groups (U11/U13) we cannot confirm ages, times, and venues for of ages until registration numbers are better understood.  We will communicate specific age groups and locations/times prior once registration numbers are finalized. 

          We still remain subject to COVID-19 restrictions and precautions. The Techniplex has provided its facility requirements for your review and familiarity (attached). Please ensure that you and your player review this documentment and become familiar with them.

          As this is the start of a new session with the PCSP Minor Soccer Association, we require that all participants/players complete the Assumption of Risk and Declaration of Compliance waivers (also attached) prior to your child’s attendance. Please sign and submit these waivers to inquiries@ on or before November 1, 2021

          Assumption of Risk - Youth Players

          Declaration of Compliance - COVID19

          Techniplex Return to Play Guidelines


          PLEASE NOTE: For safety and liability precautions - only registered players with completed Assumption of Risk and Declaration of Compliance waivers will be permitted on the field.

          Once again - the PCSP Minor Soccer Association is extremely appreciative and thankful for the amazing support and understanding our Spurrs family has provided over the past year. We want to thank you in advance for your continued support as we start this new season.

          If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Executive and/or email us at inquiries@





          Good afternoon Spurrs Country,

          We would like to provide the association with pertinent information and updates regarding our fall/winter indoor programming as well as our competitive Metro League teams.  

          We kindly ask that you to take the time to read this email in its entirety



          Registration for our fall/winter indoor programming will open on Friday, October 1, 2021.  Our fall/winter program is open to both metro and house league players who wish to further develop their individual technical abilities. Fall/Winter training is mandatory for players who intend to play metro for the first time when the outdoor season begins.  For returning Metro League players, fall/winter training is strongly encouraged.  Programming will be offered to the following age groups:

          U7 Born 2015 & 2016

          U8 Born 2014

          U9 Born 2013

          U11 Born 2011 & 2012

          U13 Born 2009 & 2010

          Because of the significant growth in registration numbers as well as ensuring adequate capacity levels due to COVID we have expanded the venues and times for our indoor programming over the 2021/22 to ensure there is enough space and time for all ages.  This year PCSPMSA will host indoor programming at the following venues and times:

          Techniplex: Sundays 5:00pm to 8:30pm

          Premier Sports Academy: Saturdays 5:00pm to 7:00pm

          Benvon’s Room, Powerplex: Thursdays 7:00pm to 8:30pm

          Training at these venues will start in early November.  Although we anticipate similar scheduling as last year at the Techniplex for older age groups (U11/U13) we cannot confirm ages, times, and venues for you at this time once registration numbers are better understood.  We will communicate with you with specific age groups once registration numbers are finalized. 



          For the 2022 Metro League spring/summer season we will be offering competitive programming for the age groups below:

          U7 Born 2015 & 2016

          U8 Born 2014

          U9 Born 2013

          U11 Born 2011 & 2012

          U13 Born 2009 &2010 

          Our Metro League season will start in early May.  Teams will practice 2 times a week.  They will also play in competitive games every second and/or third weekend starting in mid-June and ending in late August or early September depending on the age group and how the Metro League schedule is designed.



          This past summer saw our recreational House League program successfully return to Voisey’s Brook after a one-year COVID hiatus.  We would like to thank all the great volunteer parent and student coaches who gave up their personal time to help our kids have fun, learn new skills, and make new friends!  Summer 2022 will see the return of our House League programming once again!  Stay tuned for exciting announcements in the spring of 2022!



          In recent months we have received an increasing number of questions with regards to what the difference is between PCSPMSA’s Metro League programming and our House League programming.  To help understand the differences, our Metro League Director Adam Nolan will provide an online presentation on Sunday, October 3rd at 8pm to all interested parents in learning more about the different programming streams and development PCSPMSA provides.  Please email adamnolan.nl@gmail.com by Friday, October 1st to sign up for the presentation. 


          5. SPURRS PYL BU15:

          PCSPMSA is proud to announce that it is holding tryouts/evaluations on Saturday September 24 and Sunday 25 with the intent to field its first Premier Youth League (PYL) team in the association’s history - Boys U15.  Premier Youth League is the step players take after they have finished playing in the Metro League, typically after U13.  The team will practice 1-2 times a week throughout the fall and winter months.  In the spring and summer, the team will practice and compete in the PYL.  Our PYL teams’ overall focus is long-term player development (LTPD) and will be overseen and coached by a Canada Soccer C-Licensed certified coach.

          Our proposed 2021/2022 BU15 PYL team will be selected through a tryout and evaluation process during the last weekend of September.  Location and times along with a registration link will be sent out later this week. 


          6. COACHES WANTED:

          PCSPMSA is looking for coaches, both new and returning, for its fall/winter indoor programming starting in November as well as for its spring/summer Metro and House League programs.  We will be sending out a call for coaches email later this week along with a Coaching Application Form.  We are currently looking for coaches for all our ages groups.  Successful applicants will be required to present a Vulnerable Sector Check and Criminal Records Check as well as all Coaches must have completed the Respect in Sport workshop within the past 5 years.  Also, the age-appropriate Canada Soccer Coaching Education Program course(s) will be required.  We will provide coaching course details once coaches are selected and assigned.


          Jun. 20, 2022

          2022 HOUSE LEAGUE SCHEDULE Mondays and Wednesdays Voisey's Brook Park Field U3: 5:30pm to 6:15pm - Voisey's Brook Small ...

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          May. 25, 2022

          The 2022 Metro League Weekends have been announced!

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          Oct. 05, 2018


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